No stages, no sets, no requirements. Anywhere, anytime. With Close-Up magic intimate miracles happen for small groups.

    Strolling magic is a awesome way to break the ice as objects vanish, money multiplies, cards change and the impossibilities occur, right in your guests' hands right in front of them and get people talking at a party.

   Strolling magician Keith Moeller is a master at tactfully engaging groups of people as he moves about, adding flare and fun to an event. 

  Strolling magic is a unique performance art which allows small groups at an event to see magic up close while directly interacting with the magician and each other. Instead of focusing everyone's attention on the entertainer, guests are free to mingle and socialize. Unlike a stage performance, a strolling magician doesn't require a seated audience- strolling magic is great at events where the guest are standing and engaging in multiple conversations. If an audience is seated, strolling magic is preformed at individual tables.

  Regardless of environment, Keith has the ability to engage and charm audiences with personalized, energetic presentations. 

  Many of Keith remarkable and memorable strolling and close- up routines has made him a favorite in Cincinnati. Keith is a great choice for cocktail parties, weddings, corporate and V.I.P. events where you want to make a lasting impression.


Magician Of The Year Keith Moeller

Yes, fully insured up to a million dollars.